Champion of Excellence in Education

Terrell Pollard School Board Fairfield District Henrico, VA

Goals and Vision

Terrell believes that to empower and inspire youth is to build the foundation of a resilient and thriving community.

Terrell Pollard wants the Fairfield District to stand out as a beacon of Educational Excellence with our schools and educators providing all students with the quality of instruction, guidance, supports, and resources they need, so that they are equipped and qualified to author their own futures and pursue their dreams after graduation.


  • Safe and Fully Staffed Schools
  • Universal Pre-K and After School Programs
  • Increased Availability of Advanced and Vocational Courses
  • More Dynamic Exceptional Education Programs
  • Monthly meetings with Parent and Student Advisory Boards
  • Expanded Mental Health Programs
  • Student Performance and Preparation

Current Involvement in Henrico County Public Schools

  • Consistent and active attendee of HCPS's School Health Advisory Board meetings
  • Member of the HCPS's Multilingual Advisory Committee
  • Web Development at Hermitage High
  • School Advisory Committee
  • Community Partner of Ratcliffe Elementary School
  • Community Partner of Henrico High School Warriors Blaiz'n Awareness Against Drugs (B.A.A.D.) Club
  • Henrico County's Youth Violence Prevention Sub-Committee
  • Henrico County's Multicultural and Faith Leader Advisory Committee
  • Collaborated with every high school to provide substance use prevention and mental health coping skill development programming
  • Hosted numerous community conversations for parents throughout the county.
  • Key accomplishments in the area of youth development