Lashrecse Aird
Lashrecse Aird

13th District, VA Senate (Candidate)

I am delighted to endorse Terrell Pollard for Henrico School Board of the Fairfield District. As a native of Henrico County and a lifelong advocate for youth, Terrell has developed the relationships and skills needed to effectively address many of our schools’ challenges and to help our schools excel. I know Terrell will bring a strong work ethic, passion, and a commitment to working with families to the seat.

Shannon Taylor
Shannon Taylor

Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney

I am pleased to endorse Terrell Pollard for School Board. Over my many years in Henrico, I have seen Terrell’s commitment to improving our communities, supporting our youth and working for the best public schools possible. I know, as a member of the School Board, he will be dedicated and passionate to making sure all our children have the opportunity to succeed with top notch, modern public schools.

Alicia S. Atkins
Alicia S. Atkins

Henrico School Board Vice Chair & Varina Representative

I am thrilled to endorse Terrell Pollard for the School Board seat in the Fairfield District. Terrell’s roots in the community run deep, and his lifelong commitment to education and youth advocacy is outstanding. Terrell’s experience as a mentor, tutor, teacher, and advocate has uniquely prepared him to lead Fairfield District schools to develop and catapult the districts youth. His love for children is visible, and he will nurture our district’s youth. Terrell Pollard is the leader our students and community deserve.

Alisa Gregory
Alisa Gregory

Henrico County Sheriff

I am honored to endorse Terrell Pollard for the school board seat representing the Fairfield district. Our children need a servant leader who undoubtedly shows an unwavering support for our community. Terrell's dynamic leadership has been evident in his many years of advocacy and service. I know, as a graduate of henrico county public schools, he will be dedicated in ensuring that our youth have a limitless future ahead.

Frank J. Thornton
Frank Thornton
Frank J. Thornton

Fairfield District, Board of Supervisors

I am proud to endorse Terrell Pollard for the School Board seat in the Fairfield District. When I met Terrell, he was advocating for youth and his community. Over the years, he has proven to be a committed and effective advocate. Terrell is a great example of how investing in our youth and encouraging them to contribute their gifts to their community benefits us all. Terrell will make a great representative of schools in the Fairfield District and Henrico County Public Schools at large.

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Letters to the Editor

  • L. Frances Brown

    “My name is L. Frances Brown, and I am a Henrico resident writing to let all residents know why I support Terrell Pollard to become the next Fairfield District representative on the Henrico County School Board.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Terrell Pollard for the past several years, when he has served in a leadership capacity for numerous organizations. Terrell is a proud graduate of Henrico County Public Schools’ Highland Springs High School, where his awareness of public service and youth development began and has throughout his professional career.

    He has served in many leadership positions, to include Henrico Too Smart 2 Start; Henrico County Branch NAACP; Henrico County’s Multicultural and Faith Leader Advisory Committee, and is currently working as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager for the U.S. government. I have worked closely with Terrell on several NAACP initiatives on civil rights, youth empowerment, as well as the crisis of gun violence among our youth in the community. I have witnessed his tenacity, strength, and power in partnership in galvanizing stakeholders to address issues and to partner toward a solution. His leadership experiences have led to his vision of promoting the expansion of preschool to include four-year-olds; supporting teachers and school staff to provide quality instruction and guidance to all students; as well as ensuring parent engagement in their child’s school success.

    I say with confidence Terrell Pollard has the work ethic and dedication to bring real change for the students of Henrico County. I support his candidacy as his qualities and skills necessary to be a voice of advocacy for the community of the Fairfield District. I strongly urge you to vote for Terrell Pollard as the Fairfield District Representative on the Henrico County School Board.”

    L. Frances Brown

  • Ja’nel Brown

    I am writing to express my strong support for Terrell Pollard Fairfield School Board Candidate. Terrell has assured me as a parent that he is willing to take chances and make a difference in our community. I am a mother of two students who attend Henrico County Public Schools, and I am looking for someone who can be the voice for those who are afraid to stand up. Collectively we have the responsibility to create a system that is fair and equitable for everyone.

    In recent years we have witnessed a significant rise in our students struggling with reading more than ever. This issue has affected our students from all over the county. Unfortunately, many students in the Fairfield district do not have the resources to help with challenging subjects as the students in the West End of Henrico.

    This is why we need an advocate who grew up in this area and knows what our student’s needs are. Terell Pollard can help to empower our community to act against the bias, and it would ensure that everyone has equal access to programs to approve students’ academics no matter what their social or economic status.

    I urge you to support Terell Pollard Fairfield School Board Candidate who promotes the fairness of vulnerable groups and strengthens our district. By doing so, we can work together to make a dream work.

    Ja’nel Brown

  • Lisa Scott

    “Everyone must leave something behind…a child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted.” -Ray Bradbury In a crowded field of candidates, Terrell Pollard is clearly the stand out candidate for the Fairfield District, Henrico County School Board. Twenty-five years in the noblest profession, as a student-focused, all inclusive English teacher has made it simple for me to spot someone who is an advocate for ALL students to reach their full potential. Terrell’s priorities (Pre-K and after school programs for all; physically and emotionally safe schools; present, responsive, and accountable leadership; among others) for the youth, parents, teachers, and residents of Henrico County are exactly what every educator wishes all school board members would encompass. For Terrell, this position has nothing to do with power or prestige; his pledge “Our youth are amazing. I will work tirelessly to support our teachers and staff, collaborate with parents, and empower our students. Together, we will ensure the schools of the Fairfield District continually provide our kids with the experience and opportunities to reach new heights.” is about providing the essential tools for students and staff to have the best possible environment for an all-inclusive, diverse community of success. Terrell is seeking this position in order to empower every student in the district to realize their potential, to be productive, successful members of our community, and to “leave something behind” that makes a positive impact. Terrell is uniquely qualified, through his service on numerous boards, committees and nonprofits, his education and work experience, and community activism, to lead the way to an innovative, inclusive, and equitable educational experience for every student in the Fairfield district. His confidence that every student can be successful is evident and his experience with our youth reflects this. Terrell’s motto, “It takes a village,” represents the collaboration among ALL stakeholders that it will take to provide a community of opportunity for the students of the Fairfield District. This positive, inclusive approach, one where students, parents, educators and community partners all collaborate with Terrell to ensure everyone has the resources needed to realize our shared vision,can only lead to better outcomes for our students and ultimately, for ALL stakeholders in the district. Terrell Pollard is the leader we need in the Fairfield District. As a former educator, I ask you to vote for Terrell.”

    Thank you,

    Lisa Scott